Queen, who happens to be the cousin of Facemob head-honcho and legendary Houston rapper Scarface, first made a splash featuring on the Billboard 100 record “You Ain’t Bout That Life,” by Beat King. Since then, she’s stepped out, and made a number of significant connections and guest spots, such as her recent feature on the new single by Love and Hip Hop Houston cast member Kat St. John, “They Know.” All this accolade has set the stage for her new EP, God Blessing All The Queens — a six-track showcase of what Queen is bringing to the table. No features; all bars and big beats.

Queen is the only female on the Houston-based label SDS, ran by one of Texas’ most talented rappers, J-Dawg (First 48, Ride On 4’s). Get familiar with the buzzing young rapper, and check out her new EP. If you’re feeling it, mash the share button.