After performing at this years SunFest music festival here in West Palm Beach FL, and spending the last while working on rebranding his approach, artist m recently sat with AAHH to discuss his music, his inspirations, and what’s up next.

“My sound would best be described as a melodic guidebook,” he says, “a journey to achieve strength through vulnerability.” According to daFeaux the endgame of his creative process is to provoke listeners to genuinely open themselves up. “Not only to the music,” he says, “but to themselves, the vibrations of life, and to the inner voice that only speaks through feeling.”

“Watching my brother practice his set to open up for Lil Scrappy was the first time I knew I wanted to do music,” he notes. As he explains, his brother’s success in the industry is what ultimately inspired him to pick up the pen. “I wrote my first songs that same night and its been a snowball effect since then.”

The Panama-born artist is quick to point out Bone Thugs N Harmony as his biggest influence. “They came up at a time where they were able to be sponges for everything that was going on in music … they were really the best examples of taking sounds and making them your own that had a heavy influence on me.”
To date, he’s dropped five projects: three with a group called DAFEAUXNITO and the others were more recent releases titled  27 DAYS and demotape.

“I am currently working on my album OMNIPURPLE,” he reveals. “I decided that after everything that took place in one year it was only right I ended things on a high note. This album will serve as my first impression as both a re-branded artist and a blueprint to my creative process.

His goal in the industry is to continue paving the way for new artists to embrace the freedom of being more than one thing. “I purposely used the word ‘OMNI’ for my album, which is Latin for (of all things) to introduce my current state of mind as a being of all things.”

So what’s next?

“Owning my own label would be the next thing professionally,” he says defiantly. “I want to establish a strong foundation for my sound so it can be called home by myself and others just like me.”