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Political Group Freenauts Drop Two New Songs

“Culture precedes politics. For more liberty from political systems, we first need to see more freedom in the arts.” —Alex Vidal

Freenauts—a political rap group—first bleeped on our radar last year when their searing anti-Clinton videos reached over a milli on the infamous WorldStar Hip Hop and Drudge Report. Their message resonates with what’s going on in today’s society at large and is direct, to say the least. Now, Freenauts founder Alex Vidal says they’re ready to spread more positive vibes.

Their latest new songs, Crazy Sexy Rebel—a bassy description of anti-establishment ride or dies they are looking for—and the light hearted Third Party Girl, definitely live up to the mandate of spreading positivity. “Shout out to all my third party girls, the true independents,” is a line from Third Party Girl that shows the use of politics and humour blended together seamlessly. The songs, as the group explains, are about celebrating women who’ve dedicated their talents to the message of free minds and free markets. A little less overtly “anti” as some of their past material, the tracks have some serious bounce and open the group up to new ears.

Check out the records, below, and check out Freenauts.com.

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