Today rapper Paccmanh releases his new song with Random CoChella called, “Animal.” The single is a collaborative effort that Paccmanh hopes will empower listeners to “walk to their own beat.” Adorning large white gauges in his ears with an energetic vibe, Paccmanh delivers with this unique visual that’s sure to pull on the listener’s curiosity at the very least.

“With this record, I just want people to have fun and to be themselves. I want to empower people to be themselves. I don’t want to do much, but I want to encourage people to walk to their own beat,” Paccmanh said. “I’ve always had a different sound and style and I just want to introduce myself to the world and make sure they know who they can be. I’m not here to be a role model, but I want people to have fun and empower themselves.”

First getting his start learning to scratch on his grandmother’s turntable, Paccmanh has always embraced music for as long as he can remember.

“I first started doing music when I first heard it. I kinda broke my grandma’s turntables trying to scratch and I could headspin and dance, I was in drumline at one point and I liked producing beats too. The boom and bap, the sound and the cadence and that goes hand in hand with making music. It’s a sound that I like to call BangRoc,” he said. “The song Animal is just a fun record and if you listen to the worlds it’s about becoming an animal after having been deceived. It transitions from rock to rap to EDM and its all about being free and being yourself and its wide open.”

Combining forces with rising Los Angeles-based talent Random CoChella, this song merges two unique fanbases on one record that’s sure to raise eyebrows and the Hawaiian-bred singer/songwriter broke onto the scene last month with her new track “George Jefferson” Ft. Big2daboy.

“CoChella added that extra flavor on the song and I think it fits perfectly with my BangRoc sound,” Paccmanh explained. “I’m putting together an album but right now the main goal is just to give the world a perception of who I am and to show them how versatile I can be. this song is a look into who I am and an introduction for my sound.”