New York meets Atlanta by way of artist Jace part of a collective known as two-9 from Atlanta — signed to Mike Will’s EarDrummers Entertainment. The Jace Tape has been out for one solid month now, and his video for Call Log is making its rounds on YouTube and WorldStar. The fourteen track project has a laid back vibe to it; it’s like Basquiat painted most of his beats to life. There are still uptempo trap thumps, but it is an overall laidback mixtape. 

“It doesn’t make a difference/I am just another nigga/hey go figure.” 

— Jace

On his record “J.A.N,” he starts off with a telling statement about being young and black in America — adding, “that’s scary bro.” Most of Jace’s tracks are produced by Ducko McFli, Syk Sense, and J Gramm. The production is clear as a pearl floating on water. The interesting thing is that Jace does not sound like anybody from New York; he moved to Atlanta when he was five years old, so much of his influence is down south rap.  

Jace is a certified millennial. Besides rapping about having a little money or grinding in the ATL streets to get this music popping, he also mentions going to College in between certain lines — and he is not ashamed to let it be known he has a brain and still loves to roll up Kush. 

With new artists like Desiigner coming out of New York with that Atlanta sound that has influenced their demographic, there seems to be a pattern or agenda to promote this sound. The project is all over the place like the mind of a Millennial and is packed with potential. I can see them playing his “Re-Up” track during a club scene in the new series on FOX Lucifer or “Call Log” at a college party. The mixtape is worth a listen. It’s not lyrical, spiritual or thuggish — he is just bringing you his East Coast/Atlanta wave.