It’s going to happen – and we’re excited. Wu-Tang’s long awaited A Better Tomorrow is going to become a reality for fans worldwide December 2nd. The clan held a listening session in NYC last night, and also dropped an appetizer called Ruckus In B Minor, which is sure to get heads ready for the full course. The song, which is after the jump, can be purchased on I-Tunes, along with two other songs Keep Watch and Ron O’Neal. You can also pre-order the whole album.

Track listing:

1. “Ruckus In B Minor”

2. “Felt”

3. “40th Street Black / We Will Fight”

4. “Mistaken Identity”

5. “Hold the Heater”

6. “Crushed Egos”

7. “Keep Watch”

8. “Miracle”

9. “Preacher’s Daughter”

10. “Pioneer the Frontier”

11. “Necklace”

12. “Ron O’Neal”

13. “A Better Tomorrow”

14. “Never Let Go”

15. “Wu-Tang Reunion”