You ever have that love that just kept coming back? Boomerang Love. You ever feel like it’s a wrap but you take them back anyway? Boomerang Love. You ever have family mad at you because of who you are with? Boomerang Love. You ever get mad that they were right? Boomerang Love. You ever have a love you can’t fight? Boomerang Love. EVERYONE can relate to this song. Lyrx Da God catches the vibe on Punchboi’s production so perfectly you can’t help but move your feet. Before you even know it you find yourself singing along as you reminisce on past or even current loves. The single shows Lyrx Da God can capture the listener and paint a picture we all are familiar with. Boomerang Love will hit the world whether they’re ready for it or not.
Lyrx Da God was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where he fell in love with Hip Hop. Influenced by Biggie, Pun, Nas, Jay Z, Talib Kweli, Mos Def along with others. He started writing in the 5th grade and hasn’t stopped since. Lyrx has always felt music was a way to showcase his love for metaphors and punchlines. He moved to Staten Island where he spent his final high school years and started recording for the first time. He currently lives in New Jersey where he is working on more music to be released soon.