Miami rapper Grasshead is no stranger to the staff here at AAHH, most recently dropping his single “Proceed With Caution”; as of late he has been making quite a bit of noise, so we decided to reach out and chat!

Congrats on the numbers that you have been doing. I see your new tracks are blowing up. Will you be releasing anything else soon?

I appreciate the love AAHH! New Grasshead Music will be released all year long including the rest of the Secret Stash series and You Live & You Learn.

We see you have been making some tracks with the Vapor Man. Who else can we expect to hear featured on your new tracks?

Most definitely showing luv to VM on as many tracks as possible and expect to hear an eclectic group of mc’s/producers/singers being featured.

I noticed your newest track “Dark Day In Dade” is a massive banger! Can we expect more bangers on the way? What other styles are you currently working on?

I mean, from ‘PWC’, to ‘SS’, and then ‘DDDD’, it’s only right we drop some more heavy hitters with my conscious and more lyrical styles as well.

Can your fans expect to see you perform live any time soon?

I’ve been a lab rat writing and recording with TRI, working behind the scenes on the promotion side of the business, with plans of performing late this year.

Are you working on any new music for film/tv?

The team is creating custom music year round, and we are in the process of submitting numerous projects to publishers and huge opportunities.

Who are some of the artist that you have been listening to as of lately?

For years now I’ve been focused on listening to producers mostly, to get inspired, but also some Eric Clapton, Damian Marley, Nas, and Bone.

If you could work on a track with any artist, dead or alive, who would it

This one has me caught up because I love so many different genres and artists, but I would have to say Selena, my people.