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@MEXCCO – “Richie Rich”

Recently West Coast rapper MEXCCO dropped his new single “Richie Rich” taken from his upcoming project, TRAPBOY. Bred in the…

Recently West Coast rapper MEXCCO dropped his new single “Richie Rich” taken from his upcoming project, TRAPBOY.

Bred in the San Pedro area adjacent to Long Beach, MEXCCO got his start in music when he decided to leave the streets alone and take his music more seriously. Having grown up in a neighborhood where the Crips are the predominant gang, MEXCCO was seeking a new path, after several of his friends ended up dead or in jail. Well aware of the dangers in the streets having narrowly escaped several risky situations in his youth, MEXCCO decided to turn things around.

“Don’t come to LA if you ain’t prepared, it’s a crazy experience if you ain’t from out here. It’s our own little culture, but it’s all we knew and now with this music it’s a better way of life and we can expand our horizons. That’s the example I want show people and why my music so important. It goes way further than the trap and what all these rappers try to impersonate with all this music industry sh*t,” MEXCCO said.

Encouraged to rap by his friend and fellow Crip rapper AD, MEXCCO got his first hit song, “Gang Ties” ft Ashton Mathews, which made its way to Adam 22’s NoJumper channel on Youtube along with a host of other sites. MEXCCO also has songs with Mozzy, Shoreline Mafia, Mac P Dawg, AD, Squid Nice and more.

“Once Gang Ties with Ashton Matthews made it on No Jumper with Adam22 I knew I had to start taking this music more seriously. Then after that I dropped a song called TrapStar with Cypress Moreno and I’ve been making music ever since,” MEXCCO said. “My guy Phat Stax is from my main city and my hood and he is fighting some cases in the Feds right now. After he stopped I had to do it and pick up where he left off.”

Keeping the momentum going and continuing to develop his core fan base on the West-Coast, MEXCCO recently took the stage as part of a Red Bull’s Tapped In concert series.

“I just had a show at the Mayan with Red Bull and Cypress Moreno. I did a couple of songs that I have with him – it was just a fun experience and we drank lots of Red Bull and did our thing. I’m focused on doing more shows and getting a plaque. Of course I’d love to get a Grammy, but I just want to keep making music and keep making my fans happy.”

Aligned with Foundation 360 Management and managed personally by Jamie Forster, MEXCCO has been able to push his brand to the next level.

“My management team has helped me with studio time and different outlets and a whole bunch of other stuff.” MEXCCO explained. “TrapStar is my clothing I’m trying to support it has much as I can. It has its own meaning. It’s not just about selling drugs, it’s about selling a profit and it’s about doing what you do and it doesn’t have to be something illegal. I want everyone to wear it.”

If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.
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@CJFlemings – ‘Mascara Tears’

Recently Canadian R&B/Rap sensation CJ Flemings delivered his newest project, Mascara Tears.  Delving deep beyond the superficial appearance of the album title, CJ Flemings spent years developing his…

Recently Canadian R&B/Rap sensation CJ Flemings delivered his newest project, Mascara Tears.  Delving deep beyond the superficial appearance of the album title, CJ Flemings spent years developing his breakthrough project that has once again shines a light on the Canadian R&B/Hip-Hop music scene. While some fans pressing play on Mascara Tears might be unfamiliar with CJ’s sound, CJ Flemings pulls on the heartstrings of his listeners while also providing music that Hip-Hop fans can ride to, a duality rarely seen in today’s artists.

Known by his fans as the “Soft Spoken Prince,” this cold weather crooner has been making music since he was 12, developing himself and his sound for almost a decade. Drawing inspiration early on from some of the greatest rappers of all time like Lil Wayne and Kanye, CJ Flemings’ sound eventually evolved in to an R&B sound with all the nuances from Hip-Hop that he grew up admiring.

Executive produced by his close collaborator Michael Lantz, Mascara Tears carries a theme that took CJ nearly 5 years to bring to perfection. Since then the album has earned thousands of streams online and he’s been featured on numerous Canadian radio shows that have highlighted his undeniable ability to reach listeners with both Hip-Hop and R&B flavored music.

Mascara Tears is a project that I had to put out. It was produced by Michael Lantz who was my executive producer for the project, but Lance and I sat down and he worked with me for the whole project.  I decided to call it Mascara Tears, which is a title I had for about four or five years.  For a while I was kind of sitting on the title and trying to figure out what the message and theme were going to be, revolving around it,”CJ Flemings explained.  “I feel like it’s the perfect title because it’s not what the title would seem. My story is authentic and that what I think people look for in relationships.  For example you may have situations going on where women tend to use mascara to cover up their flaws. If you just keep in authentic you might not run into those issues and it might not have been as much of a disaster as if they had stayed true to themselves and kept it real. There’s no need to cover up your flaws, you just have to keep it real.”

Led by the singles, “Don’t Know You,” “Acquainted,” and “Judgement,” this project shows  CJ Fleming’s versatility and ability to make upbeat R&B music that connects with a Hip-Hop base.

“You hear it in the album from beginning to end. I did the best I could to deliver the message of being yourself and not switching and just keeping it solid personally. With everything gong on I wanted this album to touch everybody in a way so that they could use this album to not feel like they are doing something wrong. Sometimes relationships are tough and this album kind of is a guide for your emotions. I feel like I had to put myself in a very vulnerable position to make this album so I hope that this is relatable and whatever the case may be I hope people can connect.

Backed by a host of appearances on radio including his Live Nation performance in support of his project Mascara Tears, CJ has connected with fans more than ever on this project.

“In November I started doing a whole bunch of press and we had three shows where I did eventually opened up for Jack Harlow’s show. Jack and I were able to connect like it was nothing. The Lil TJay show as sold out and I did a set there and the crowd went crazy. During that time it was kind of wild experiencing all that press in one week and I was really conscious of my performance and being on time,” CJ explained.

To date CJ Flemings has blessed the airwaves of The Beat 92.5 with Jeremy White, CBC Montreal Radio with Sabrina and Duke, CKUT 90.3 FM – All The Way Live, CINQ 102.3 FM, Global NewsToronto: Live Nation’s One To Watch @ the Lounge by Live Nation, Virgin Radio 95.9 Recap Rap with Adam Greenberg and many others.

“These songs that are buzzing are all songs that I have grown and developed based on organic reaches. For every song that’s out I feel that I grow beyond the song once its out, but I love all the songs and can’t wait for the fans to connect.”

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