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Memphis Rapper Yung Dezz Feels ‘No Pressure’

Memphis, Tennessee, has no lack of talent that has contributed immensely to the industry; Juicy J, Yo Gotti, Jazze Pha, and new buzzy-worthy artist Starlito instantly come to mind. Well, a new voice is emerging from the city, with a story to tell. Yung Dezz knows the ins—and harsh outs—of the mean streets. “I grew up in violence,” he said to AAHH. “I’ve seen a lot of poverty, murders, and drug dealing. I chose music as my way out of the struggle .”

His new single, “Ain’t No Pressure Bihh,” is seemingly describes a falling out with a day-one. But, more importantly, the video helps to reinforce the message behind his music, and his ultimate goal, which is giving hope. “I want my music to keep others motivated and inspired to do—and be—whomever they want to be in life, regardless of the circumstances they [may] face.”

Check out the track below!

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