Meet The Family

Meet The Family — a ghost production team out of Sydney, Australia, and New York. They’ve been working on the global hip hop scene for over a decade and are now coming out of the dark to start working with upcoming talented rappers. This is sure only to be the beginning of the sounds we hear from this uber-talented outfit. Get to know a little more about them in the Q&A below.

how did you guys get together?

Been friends for over ten years. Started out meeting one another through club nights as all members were DJ’s in earlier careers before moving across to production.

How did you get involved in hip-hop?

We work alongside a range of fashion and technology companies – and over the course of this have met numerous urban industry based celebrities. A big part was the music, and the members of The Family truly fell in love with the sounds that are currently being put out. We had to get involved!

Who were some of your influences?

Biggest influence by far is 808 mafia. Southside & TM88 are truly gods when it comes to rap production, not even rap, but production — period! For years, they have inspired us and continue to be on the absolute front foot of any new sounds being developed; most of the time, they are the developers.

Tell me about your music — what are you currently working on?

We are mute about the production work we do until it is available. We have swiftly brought our attention to the booming rap scene indeed starting to emerge in Australia, Brisbane as a hub for all of this. Over the coming months, you will see some releases from some talented individuals, again all being Australian artists.

Who are some of the artists you’ve produced for?

99% of what we do is ghostwriting. We don’t discuss who and what we write for, this being the sole reason we are venturing out on our own so we can share the whole process and everything we are doing with fans of the music.

How would you describe your sound?

Uptempo BPM / Driven 808 Lines / Energetic & Explosive Leads – In short, an absolute power punch of sound.

What’s your creative process like?

It varies. We can make music inside the studio or come together with ideas almost complete. We usually try to approach every production with no pre-meditated plan, what sounds good and is up to the standard is what we do! Our team takes inspiration from everything such as fashion and technology.

What are your goals in the industry?

We want to bring Australian hip hop to the masses with a much more professional and modernised approach. We want to help artists get their instrumentals on point, releases being visually exciting and whole artist moniker something a fan can respect and want to support.

We just want to help those with the drive to be great, forget talent, if an artist wants it bad enough they will get it, and we want to help those types as much as possible!

What do you want people to take away from you as an artist?

We like to work our relationships, and past experiences in with everything about our music may it be lyrics, a lead that reminds us of a moment or a song sample from an individual situation you remember. We know that being real and honest with fans in this way is something that allows them to connect subconsciously with the music.

Any last words for our blog?

10,000 hours is the average time it takes to become an expert in any given discipline. If you plan to be an artist, keep that in mind, your favourite artist has probably completed x10 this amount.

If you are an artist, be dedicated, and tell a real story.

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