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MARC FRVNCIS Brings Ambient Aussie Bass On ‘Snowed In’ EP

Bass heavy and ambient are two ways to describe the latest batch of tracks from Brisbane, Australia, hip-hop artist MARC FRVNCIS. Over the past two months, he’s dropped 15 tracks and has amassed a cult following on his social media that are feverishly running up his plays. His first EP, SNOWED IN, has a lot to love about hit

A stand-out on the EP, “I Wonder,” peels away—track by track—a multi-layered inner world of a rapper making sense of a state of constant change where he drives a focus on the luminous pearls shining in a murky, smoky landscape. Marc’s floating monotonic vocal delivery ranges in emotion subtly hidden within the fabric of influences that make emotional repression a socially acceptable norm.

Give the track—and the whole EP—a spin, below.

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