24-year-old Houston-born LA native Madstrumentals started off rapping and producing at a young age before focusing his attention on production. “I was like 13 and just thought it would be fun/funny to rap and make beats,” he tells AAHH. “After a year or two, I dropped the rapping/DJing/silly stuff and just stuck to beats.

Production-wise, his sound varies across the spectrum; “I make everything from Migos trap bangers to the J Dilla boom-bap beats. That, he’s quick to note, comes from just being a huge fan of hip-hop and listening to everything. “I’m not sure how to describe my style other than saying that I always like to use weird sounds and effects to sound different from the rest.”

With clients that include local acts like Rudy K and Gatsby, and big label artists like Ca$his, who was initially signed to Shady Records, he’s been behind some dope tracks.

He’s quick to point out what he thinks makes his sound so special; “I think most hip-hop producers on YouTube have the production quality down (drums hit hard, clean mixes, etc.), but the beats just lack originality to me. Most of them all sound similar.” As he notes, it’s important to have your sound. “I think it’s my attention to detail in using different sounds and effects. I try to get that nice mix of the experimental sound and the ‘Billboard top 100’ sound.”

Check out Madstrumentals for yourself; he has leases and exclusives available.