“It’s in my genes, know your denim; some people try to rock it, but the clothes don’t fit em’.”
—Siimba Liives Long

After a strong debut with his “Cocaine Bimbie” song/visual ten months ago and two highly praised sold-out shows in New York City — one of which resulted in an impromptu fire eating performance after the venue shut down — Siimba Liives Long returns with a jazzy new record and a larger than life new video. It’s simultaneously entertaining and oddly endearing.

With an African backdrop [reminiscent of his past video] Siimba is seen interacting with a number wild cats, from gorgeous lions to a cuddly looking cheetah, with whom he dances, plays in the grass, and even does push-ups. While not wholly varied in its shots, the video is mesmerising and easy to get lost in. The song itself, “W.I.A,” is a subtle and well-versed attack on the BS that seems to run rampant in the music industry.

From the Afu-Ra-esque look, and the incredible production that — quite frankly — innovates by sticking to the basics, Siimba quickly sets himself apart from other rappers on your playlist right now. To top it off, he has bars; like, for days. “I used to not smoke but now I’m feeling like I need that, cuz all my people stay up on the joint like a knee cap.”

If you’re not up on Siimba yet, peep out coverage of his first single, and his first NYC gig. “If you don’t know, now you know [*Biggie voice].”