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L.S.D – Big Star

Some of you may rememberI put you onto an Aussie rapper last year by the name of L.S.D – if you need a memory jog, check out my review of his record Off The Grid, which is a dope listen. He recently hit me up with something new for all y’all, a video called “Big Star,” featuring The Missus; and homie has bars:

“All it takes is one listen they see what they’re missing then
in an instant our playlists switch their positions like
conscientious fuckers insist except my music is
Anything but and if it’s on top then it always finishes first,
leaving the cunts in a fit! You’ll feel me long after I ex-
tinguish since I’m bringing the verbal equivalent of a million arsonist hits.”

(via his official lyrics on YouTube)

What stands out, much like it did last time around, is not just the production, but his wordplay, which comes off Big Pun-esque with the multi-syllable flows, except with a different cadence. Worth a spin!

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