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Ku$hmerica Drops Legalize-Friendly Album Election Year in 2016

Houston, TX – Longtime friends turned business and musical partners Royale King and Young Papi met by happenstance, when Young…

Houston, TX – Longtime friends turned business and musical partners Royale King and Young Papi met by happenstance, when Young Papi’s late mother decided he needed positive influences in his life and introduced him to Royale King. The two were fast friends, and though Young Papi was the young age of twelve when they first met, Royale King helped Papi come into his own as an artist and man. Two years ago, friendship gave way to “Kushmerica,” and the two “Kush Bosses” embarked on their own musical journey. “The energy we bring is just ridiculous – The more songs we were doing, the more people were like referring to us as the new red man and method man,” explains Royale. Adds Papi, “One show was so crazy, the crowd literally tore our shirts off us.” Their sound is an eclectic mix of 90’s rap with a modern spin, which comes organically from their age difference. “You have the more mature older brother, that will get that mature crowd, and then you’ve got the younger brother that’s a little wild and just goes and does his thing,”

Their newest project, an album entitled Election Year, is distinctive and authentic. Chalk full of songs that speak to real life, Royale King describes the songwriting as “based in reality,” and “street perspective, because that’s the place we were raised in.” The concept behind Election Year (ironically released on 4/20, as an homage to their “Kushmerica” brand) was to shed light on the political disparity over the use of marijuana in America. “Right now, there are 23 states that allow recreational marijuana use. Part of our campaign is to get all 50 states to legalize, and to show how it helps,” the duo explains. In addition to the Mary Jane-infused lyrics, listeners can expect to hear other themes and stories, including the lamenting of poverty and the struggles of the streets. “It doesn’t sound like anything that’s out right now,” says Royale, “and that’s refreshing. It’s very original.”

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Ashley B began her start in the industry at just 15 years old as a writer & film maker. She wrote scripts, short stories & books, and even caught the attention of BET's own Debra Lee with her movie project, "Red Rose". Upon starting B&B Marketing/Management, writing and film making was put on hold to jump start things with B&B. In 2010, she went on to work with BET Networks, doing Marketing & PR. In 2011, she began to work for Bad Boy Ent with a role in Marketing & PR as well. She is now the VP of B&B Marketing/Management and launched her first book titled "Love Chronicles: Vol 1" which dropped in January of 2016.
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The Outcastkid Drops Impressively Complex LP “Nerd DNA”

Nerd-centric Hip Hop is a lucrative niche, to say the least. The genius of it is that unlike other sub-genres,…

Nerd-centric Hip Hop is a lucrative niche, to say the least. The genius of it is that unlike other sub-genres, listeners within this demographic are prone to intense fandom and financial support of shit that they feel; to that end, they are amazing fans to amass. The problem, though, lies in making the crossover. That — of course — refers to the delicate balance that exists between traditional Hip Hop and that which is littered with comic and game references to the point that it obscures itself, stifling an artist’s ability to compete on a mainstream level.

Young New York upstart Outcastkid is on a quest to break the mold with his latest LP, Nerd DNA. He first came onto our radar when he dropped a remix of Smoke DZA and Joey Badass collaboration, “Mood.” While that track didn’t accurately establish the nerdism this LP encapsulates, it did give us a taste of his cadence and flow — which is trenched in a New York sound.

RELEVANT: Check out his “Mood” remix

Reminiscent of an artist he has an affinity for, Joey Badass (he even mentions the rapper on the song “I’ma Get Mine”), Outcast’s music is built around lots of complex wordplay. Interestingly, the thematic context of the project seems to shift as it rolls on, from “nerdy” to more of the everyday portrait of a high school underdog engrossed in Hip Hop culture.

To illustrate this take, we look at tracks like “Shock Jockey,” which plays up a concept he also rolled out online, building himself as a character who was experimented on as part of a secret government project. Then there’s “Rick and Morty’s Outcast,” laden with punchlines from the popular show — sure to make fans drool.

That’s the nerdy shit, though.

Songs like “Outkast Vibe” and “Bad Girls” see him lusting after girls as — more or less — that every-man in the back of the class that they don’t notice. He laments, especially on the latter track, how popping off in the industry will have all these girls that once overlooked him taking a second (or third) look.

Then bangers like “Indigo Smoke” — a clear highlight — and “Printer Life” seem to also portray this weed smoking kid with confidence and swag. It’s a weird juxtaposition that ultimately illustrates the multiple relatable facets to this kid’s personality (as a rapper),
which plays out quite organically. This is even true as he switches gears for a trap vibe on “Cash Flex,” for example.

Ultimately what I like about this kid is his willingness to be deceivingly diverse while staying on topic. Sure, he raps about video games, comics, and other overt nerd shit, but he also creates this relatable young guy aura — kind of like Khalid — and he has pretty dope pen game. It will be interesting to see if he continues to run with the “nerd rap guise”; this album is (actually) less “nerdy” than he may consider it to be. At points it’s Actually just “smart.” Solid listen.


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