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Ku$hmerica Drops Legalize-Friendly Album Election Year in 2016

Houston, TX – Longtime friends turned business and musical partners Royale King and Young Papi met by happenstance, when Young Papi’s late mother decided he needed positive influences in his life and introduced him to Royale King. The two were fast friends, and though Young Papi was the young age of twelve when they first met, Royale King helped Papi come into his own as an artist and man. Two years ago, friendship gave way to “Kushmerica,” and the two “Kush Bosses” embarked on their own musical journey. “The energy we bring is just ridiculous – The more songs we were doing, the more people were like referring to us as the new red man and method man,” explains Royale. Adds Papi, “One show was so crazy, the crowd literally tore our shirts off us.” Their sound is an eclectic mix of 90’s rap with a modern spin, which comes organically from their age difference. “You have the more mature older brother, that will get that mature crowd, and then you’ve got the younger brother that’s a little wild and just goes and does his thing,”

Their newest project, an album entitled Election Year, is distinctive and authentic. Chalk full of songs that speak to real life, Royale King describes the songwriting as “based in reality,” and “street perspective, because that’s the place we were raised in.” The concept behind Election Year (ironically released on 4/20, as an homage to their “Kushmerica” brand) was to shed light on the political disparity over the use of marijuana in America. “Right now, there are 23 states that allow recreational marijuana use. Part of our campaign is to get all 50 states to legalize, and to show how it helps,” the duo explains. In addition to the Mary Jane-infused lyrics, listeners can expect to hear other themes and stories, including the lamenting of poverty and the struggles of the streets. “It doesn’t sound like anything that’s out right now,” says Royale, “and that’s refreshing. It’s very original.”

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