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Kid Kalibre – My Side

NYC rapper Kid Kalibre was raised in a very hostile environment; at the age of 3, he moved to the states (from Pakistan) alongside his father and mother. His father’s interest in hip hop music was what sparked the fire in his soul. Many years – and homes – later, Kali moved to Queens, New York, to pursue his Rap career.

Not long into his journey, he met ATM, another aspiring emcee who lived in Harlem. At the time, Kali was working as a street salesmen, selling almost anything and everything he got his hands on, from comedy tickets and hair salon promotions, to weed to Vykaden. The two met by chance in Time Square, where they battled each other in the middle of the street. Gaining each others respect, the two young rappers shared a blunt and discussed music and future goals. Shortly after that, Kali befriended a handful of other Harlem cats and recorded his first mixtape before returning to Pakistan. In Pakistan, he met up with his old friends where they decided to release a new mixtape by the name of “W.A.R.” Kali spent eight months in Pakistan with these emcees, making the “W.A.R” Project. After “W.A.R” was released, Kali understood that this was what he wanted to do with his life; and has been riding the wave ever since.

He’s a dope emcee, with a diverse background that comes across in his unique approach to music. Give Kali’s latest record “My Side” (which has over 90k hit on Soundcloud) a spin, and be sure to follow him across the net.

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