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Kanye New Slaves Sample

Kanye is, and always has been a perfectionist. Artists have often remarked that after recording a song with him, they are taken aback by the evolution the song takes behind the scenes as Kanye works his magic. This was the case for Benjamin Bronfman (part of the Teachers collective), a producer friend of Kanye West, who was contacted by Yeezus and urged to send him some beats for an upcoming project – which culminated as the critically acclaimed Yeezus. Benjamin cooked up a handful of tracks but one of his demos, Cruel Cold Winter, obviously rubbed Yeezy the right way. It wasn’t until Benjamin attended a listening party that he realized that his track had been used – and how Kanye had evolved (or rather devolved) the sound. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

The track, which became New Slaves, was for lack of a better description, the “single” off the album. It was part of Kanye’s innovative and international release strategy – and according to Yeezy himself the tracks second verse was “the best rap verse of all time”. Personally, I think this demo version is crazy dope, what do you think?

via Rolling Stone

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