“I’m not perfect man, I’m a prototype; trial and error, it’s all good, because it’s the messiness that always gets it right.”

– Just Matthew

The backdrop of palm trees and the sunshine has long given birth to some of the industry’s most talented voices – and rightfully so. The region’s mixture of realities that range from carefree beachfront living, plastic Hollywood dreaming, and circles of gang violence, LA has given us a broad variety of artists from all genres and mediums. Just Matthew is one such artist to emerge from the golden glow of Cali. At just 24 years of age, this rapper, singer and songwriter has developed a strong, confident style and sound that has him primed to take things to the next level.

Just Matthew’s latest project, the four-song EP Connery, is an excellent example of his range and capabilities as an artist. The lead song, Forget, has a laid back summery vibe that matches the Cali weather. With an almost Drake-esque (in a good way) flow, he bobs and weaves from singing to rapping, delivering a radio-ready performance that leaves a great first impression. Prototype sees him dig deeper beneath the surface as he embraces imperfections, and lets listeners know that he is indeed a work in progress – and his hunger to grow is the raw element that fuels his sound. Understand It, and Bonnie, both have Matthew showing off his flow, which sparkles throughout the EP. Produced entirely by MKSB, the project sounds cohesive sonically, while still managing to deliver four songs that allow Matthew to show four different sides of himself.

Just Matthew’s music is very current, catchy honest and personal. He’s an artist to keep your eyes and ears on this year. Listen to his four-track EP below.