Jonah Melvon celebrated MLK Day with the release of two singles from his brand new LP, Rain Water Project. The standouts from the soulful 11-song project display some variation from the exciting Bay Area native.

“What’s Good For You,” the song that happens to kick off the LP is a slice of poetic neo-soul, that really highlights his vocal dexterity as a rapper. “1099 (Mom and Pops)” is an ode to the brick and mortar, regional retailers — which are important to the fabric of the hyper-localized music scene on the West Coast.

One thing immediately clear from a top to bottom lists of his incredibly soulful album is — aside from of love making music that ‘feels’ sonically warm and comfortable — is his love for his city. A singer, rapper, mentor, business owner, entrepreneur, activist and connector, Melvon lives and breathes The Bay.

Get up on his vibe; listen to Jonah Melvon’s Rain Water Project, below.