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Jimmy Page Says ‘Fuck SoundCloud’ On His New Single

There are three sides to every story; that old saying rings especially true for New Jersey-based artist — and 23-year-old XXXIX Empire creator — Maxx Fairchild. As explains, “XXXIX Empire is primarily based around my three personalities in which I write, perform, record, produce and create music.” Think MF DOOM without a mask—and split into three.

The three sides to Maxx’s artistic persona are quite different, though. As The Sun King, for example, he creates Psychedelic R&B, Experimental Chorale Music, and Alternative Acoustic/ A cappella. As Maxx 39 he creates “Hardcore Psychedelic Boom Bap,” and as Jimmy Page is the personification of his ego—a humorist with a dark side. The latter is who we were introduced to on his new record, “Fuck SoundCloud.”

A lyrical—almost slam poetry vibe—is what “Jimmy” drops over a grungy guitar riff. Even making reference to the other personas as separate people (“fuck Maxx, fuck King…I’m over stupid”), he drops gems; “it’s all distorted—making tax dollars off of evil reported.”

It’s an interesting listen, and artistic statement behind it is unique enough that it warrants a dig into his catalog. Check out “Fuck SoundCloud,” below.

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