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Jason Da Hater Interview

Jason Harris performing under the moniker “Da Hater” is a Memphis born and raised hip hop artist.  Da Hater is best known for his contributions with producer Empee in the group Kontrast, and the Hip Hop collective Iron Mic Coalition [IMC].  He’s opened for 50 Cent, Black Moon, Dead Prez, and KRS.One (among others). We recently caught up with Jason, who prefers to be referred to as a motivational speaker, who chatted with AAHipHop. Check the interview after the jump.

First off, let the people know who you are and where you from?

My name is Jason Da Hater and I am from Memphis, Tn, home of Keith Onidas, and I mention that for no reason at all.

 Where did Jason “Da Hater” come from?

Jason Da Hater comes from Bobbie and Terris Harris Sr. I’m called Da Hater for several reasons – mainly because I am a hater; However, I will not hate behind your back. I’m up front with it so you can expect it and accept it better. So many people consider tough love, constructive criticism, and disagreement as hating, so I accept the charge.

What’s the Hip-Hop scene like in Memphis?  Do the artists that have found success support the underground scene?

I feel that we have a fairly decent HIP HOP scene scene here in Memphis. We are growing artist and fan base wise. We haven’t really been able to connect with more successful artist yet but I am optimistic that will change soon.

How do you feel about the crowd attendance at Memphis area shows?

The crowds are hit and miss sometimes, but I believe that is normal. We have about 3 different underground scenes here, but we have had several events including several  collaborative efforts musically.

Who can we find in your music player?

In the tape player in my car, you will find the singing group Champagne, with Xzibit, Special Ed, and Wyclef’s the Carnival on the car floor.

Who currently, are your Top 3 MC’s? Top 3 Producer’s?

My top 3 MC’s are L.L., KRS and Kane…I don’t have favorites of the modern day era currently. My Top 3 Producers are Marley Marl, Premiere, and the Alchemist.

What is something that people may not know about you?

People may not know that I high jumped 6’6 in the 10th grade & still lost. Also, I have a recording of me freestyling with Common when he performed in Memphis 2002.

What moment are you most proud of in your career so far?

The moment I’m most proud of is this year, we’re celebrating 10 years with the HIP HOP group Iron Mic Coalition. This year marks our 10th year together. We have a new album including a song featuring Memphis rap legends 8 Ball & MJG.

What are projects you currently working on? Is there anything you want to promote?

I have no new projects that I’m working on, however this past year I released 2 solo projects: “Like Vegetables” the EP (on soundcloud), “You’re a Nation Number 1 Flow” mixtape (on YouTube); and 2 group projects “No Placebo” (Memfist 10 band & Iron Mic Coalition) and “The 3rd Edition” (Iron Mic Coalition 10 yr anniversary album) both online soon.

Google/YouTube Jason Da Hater(reverbnation, soundcloud, facebook).

Google/YouTube Iron Mic Coalition…..Medicin Men.   I’m part of all of that.

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