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James Seville Launches Season Premiere “The Love”

New Orleans-born rapper James Seville is a warm blend of cloud rap—which is the wave—and jazzy Hip Hop. As he said during a recent interview with Defend New Orleans, his most significant motivation for pursuing his music was the loss of his father, whom he says supported his music 100%. “I almost feel like I have to do it,” he says. “It’s almost like a fire in my heart now … if I’m not chasing this, I’m probably wasting my time.”

He’s been on the grind for almost a decade, and building a steady buzz along the way; his fan base is loyal as hell,and this year he has a treat in store for them.

His latest project, The Seville Show is comprised of 3 EPs with a release strategy will mimic a multi-season TV show; listeners get a new song every other week until the ‘season finale.’ The first season, The, began early January with the premiere, “The Love.”

“Currently, I’m working on the third EP in this series,” he says, “and after that, I am going to finish working on the debut album which should be sometime early 2019.”

James is one to keep an eye on, and the depth of this new project is poised to take his career to the next level he’s been chasing for the past seven years.

Check out “The Love,” below.

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