James Knight — a Philadelphia native — is a sultry crooner with a unique sound. Most people, when asked, describe his sound to that of Usher; however, his vocal range is just incomparable. He’s one of Philly’s up and coming shining stars, rocking straight up R&B Music in a sea of autotune-heavy rap/singers. It’s the approach we haven’t experienced since artists like R.Kelly in his heyday, Jodeci, Babyface, etc.

His latest video, “Abandoned,” is a great intro to him, as an artist. It’s an impressive mini motion picture, the takes a slightly literal approach to the concept, depicting the artist as the lone survivor in NYC after a major outbreak – not unlike Will Smith in the film I Am Legend. We see the before and after, and the relationship he lost. It looks great and has an undeniable big-budget feel to it.

Take a look/listen, and if you feeling him, hit up on his Twitter or Instagram.