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#IndieSpotlight: NJ Rapper Vero Stands Out On ‘Lucky With The Lights’ LP

“Stuffing bread and cheese in my pants — I got hot pockets.”

I love to see — or should I say hear — growth and progression of artists who I’ve dedicated pen time toward covering. Vero is an artist who has come across our desk in the past; back in September 2015, we took a listen to his Passed Grass Education, which was a brilliantly raw coming of an age-esque collection of tracks in the 90s BPM pocket with an underground vibe. His latest release, Lucky With The Lights, feels more fleshed out, developed and cohesive.

Sitting on the longer side with 16 songs, the record is largely self-produced; of the top, his cadence is what makes him stand out. His melodic flow, while not wholly original sounds different than other acts. The project traverses a few different vibes without ever going left — with one exception. Where “Lovestyle” seemed the like odd man out, the other 15 tracks make for a solid journey from light up to the roach. A few standouts here are the vibed out “Family,” and the ultra jazzy “Less Hate & More Soul — both produced by Vero himself. On the later, his wordplay is crazy; “I bag it up and flip to the ones who let they dreams slip, I sew words into sentences like a seamstress.”

He also wins with his more singing heavy joints, like “Second Chance,” which feels like it’s just as much about the intricate production as it is the low-key vocals. There is also a healthy dose of love in the air here, like the ‘toast to his old ways’ on “Old Days” and “Backroads” which are both dedicated to his day one (girl).

“I always admired Kanye West and how he was able to excel as both an artist and producer and that is what I shoot for,” Vero told AAHH. His attention to detail reflects the influence. The 22-year-old Garden State native is preparing for an impending tour, and definitely, has the goods. Lucky With The Lights is worth a spin!


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