#IndieSpotlight: Jonah Melvon Delivers A Breezy Slice Of Necessary Summer Vibes

Bay Area-based multi-faceted singer Jonah Melvon is the musical equivalent of rolling down all the windows on the hottest day of the season and letting the cool breeze hit your face as you drive to your local waterfront. His RainWater Project LP he dropped last year — if you missed it — was a gem. If you remember, I called it sonically warm and comfortable, and I stand by that.

He’d been relatively quiet over the past year, but popped back up on the scene with the alluring “Expiration Date.” I’ve been on a bender snapping up vinyl of anything that falls into that Daniel Caeser-esque vibes, and this song one that anyone else who are fans of that spectrum should add to every playlist.

When Jonah himself hit us up this past week, he wanted us to pay attention to his single “Sunday Mornings,” and after a few dozen listens, we get why. Off the rip, it’s his highest-performing joint on his Spotify, which we get!

With a super smooth Neo-Soul drenched instrument, and his laid back vocals interlaced with his melodic raps, he crafts a perfectly matured, pre-cuffin’ season slice of R&B. Jonah is a hidden gem; we highly suggest getting in tune with him — peep the playlist below!


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