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Iamzaccp’s Debut Project Is Full Of Bangers

I definitely sift through a lions share of music on a daily basis, so you can understandably assume my skepticism when I hear buzzwords like groundbreaking and forward-thinking when I get press releases or bios. My introduction to Orlando, Florida, rapper Iamzaccp is one such artist that comes across a little strong on paper; to my surprise, however, his debut self-titled LP was a project I found myself spinning on repeat throughout the week.

The eight-song project — from the perspective of vibe — has a great arc to it that shows a surprisingly broad range of versatility. “Drama,” the opening track, has an almost paranoid vibe to it, as he navigates his current situation while trying to avoid fake friends and remain sucker free (for lack of a better term). From there the project turns into the portrait of a new wave rapper who has an almost Uncle Murda-esque obsession with having sex with your girlfriend. While not a wholly unique direction to move in musically, records like “Hot Grits” and “Magazines” are absolute bangers. The latter is littered with fantastic wordplay.

“I got beats in my email, beats working in retail … pay attention to the details, nigga where is your female,” he raps.

The tone shifts from the slowed up “Secret Society” onward; that record, in particular, is an ode to amount of work he’s put into his craft, earning everything he has. “I can’t tell you my next move, but I can tell you I paid dues,” he spits. Later on, in the same verse, he also pulls the card on the fake rappers running the scene glorifying a lifestyle they don’t live.

While not at all softer, “Wyu2?” and the story of a love that could never work, “Set Me Free,” almost feel like a different guy. Ultimately, you’re left to wonder if he’s a player that wants to move slightly different.

As an artist, Iamzaccp is well put together. He’s got eight bangers to work with and — though not unique persay — he manages to stand out among the pack of other artists I’ve come across recently. His self-titled project is worth a spin.

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