Hip Hop Artist, Skoolboy Bliss, Enters Wal-Mart With An Assault Rifle – Doesn’t Get Stopped! (Video)

If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.
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FlossMobChase – “Greedy”

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@ForeignMusik – “Wake Up”

Today Houston bred and Los Angeles based rapper Foreign Musik releases the new music video for his motivational song, “Wake…

Today Houston bred and Los Angeles based rapper Foreign Musik releases the new music video for his motivational song, “Wake Up”

Encouraging listeners and fans to go out and get it everyday, Foreign Musik said that the song has become a fan favorite and he “had to shoot a visual” to appease the fans.

“My listeners are a loyal following but I was taking them down a more negative path. I wanted to change things up so I’m trying to just speak more positively and just make sure that the music is something that kids can look up to.” Foreign Musik said. “I realized that my music really affects people and so I wanted to switch it up and keep it positive. I was going down that path in a negative way myself too. I went through shit with the cops, I lost a house and I lost out on things in a major way.”

Focused on developing his Twenty-Five Nation label and business, Foreign Musik explains that everyone in the music video has a role in his company. In the visual Foreign Musik can be seen puffing on good, and vibing out to the song with his team.

“Everybody in the video, that’s my whole team. That video was shot by my own company. Adrian my business partner also started directing and he’s started doing a good job with that. As a business we’ve been offering that service to the people. You reach that peak and you just understand who you are and I tried to keep things clean and not smoke out when I was younger and managers didn’t like it, but now that I don’t have managers and I got 1.9 million streams on it and that’s over an 8 month span and its 95% good feedback. Thats no robot and no major.”

Foreign Musik’s musical journey started roughly 8 years ago in Houston, TX and since then he’s moved to California to expand his career and fan base with a more developed sound.

“Cali is just one of those places I always wanted be at and the landscape is so crazy, there’s nowhere like it in America.” Foreign Musik said. “California is just a place because my career is mobile and I can get around, but I could be anywhere.

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@Succeed_Phyguy – “No Cap Zone” Ft. DaBaby & Stunna4Vegas

Today rapper Succeed Phlyguy releases the music video for his song “No Cap Zone” ft DaBaby and Stunna4Vegas. Fresh dressed,…

Today rapper Succeed Phlyguy releases the music video for his song “No Cap Zone” ft DaBaby and Stunna4Vegas. Fresh dressed, sipping dark liquor and smoking good, Succeed Phlyguy grabs the viewers attention immediately with his red hair and tall stature.

“My music is indescribable, that’s why I had to move to Dallas and I’m traveling to other spots because it wasn’t anyone in the town that could do it like me. I combined my experiences and everywhere I’ve traveled in my music. It’s Arkansas Phly, it’s some of that Arkansas flavor,” Succeed Phlyguy said.

As is the case in this visual, the Arkansas native and Dallas,Texas residing rapper has no problem grabbing the attention of the room when his raspy voice lets loose.

“I grew up in Ft. Smith, Arkansas and got going at a bunch of talent shows locally, just writing and recording. Then I ended up taking a chance when I turned 18, and I moved to Dallas and that’s where I signed my first record deal.” Succeed Phlyguy explained. “Dallas is like a Hip-Hop hub. A few years ago I wouldn’t have thought that you could go to Dallas and make a name for yourself, but there’s a lot of spots that’s 4-5 hours from there, and you can move there and really blow up. I don’t know if the whole rap industry knows that but there’s a lot of producers and hell of a lot of good artists.”

Joining forces with DaBaby, one of the most talked about rappers in Hip-Hop today, and rising rapper Stunna4Vegas, Succeed Phlyguy is gearing up for his project Foreign Affairs, due in the coming months. When asked how the song came about, Succeed explained that his son put him on to DaBaby.

“My son just sits in front of the computer and my son found out about him 6 months ago and he was just on to dude. I was like who is? And then situation at Wal-Mart happened when he shot the boy that tried to rob him. Then I saw he was in LA so I hit him on the live feed and he answered the message and I eventually coordinated with his manager. I drove all the way from Vegas, we got Stunna on the song, they booked the studio time and it only took like 20 min in the lab and we vibe out smoked a couple and then we shot the video the next day. We ended up finding out we dealt with some of the same people and then I actually got the feature about 40 days before he signed, so everything was perfect the way it worked out.”

Having filmed visuals all around the world from Dubai to the Bahamas, Succeed Phlyguy is truly a different kind of artist that Hip-Hop as yet to embrace and in the coming months he will be releasing videos so fans can see it all.

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Willie Bee ft. Jay Fizzle – “Bounce”

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