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Hellagreeno: Hustle Hard

Columbus-born rapper Hellagreeno knows about motivation. Always musically inclined, he began writing songs at the age of 12; however, in 2012 after endless dead-end jobs, he began taking his music serious. With a wife fighting cancer (Leomysarcoma) – and 4 kids to feed – he knew it was time to go hard or go home.

In 2014 he landed a Distribution Deal with Indie Music Factory, and months later he signed with Angela Culliver /TruVision Management. Through IMF he released two singles “Man In The Mirror” and “Welcome To The Streets.” Last year, he released his first Mixtape “Calm Before The Storm,” and also started Cloudy Rhymes Entertainment LLC – his own imprint. He also linked up with a Kentucky Rapper named GBTwoGood and released a Mixtape entitled “GreenoTwoGood Vol. 1” earlier this year; they’re releasing Volume 2 the Summer of 2016.

Hellagreeno joined GBTwoGood in signing a new deal with GYS Entertainment. Currently hard at work on a on a EP, several mixtapes, and his debut album “Long Time Coming,” and touring, he’s bound to have a fruitful 2016.

Take a listen to “GreenoTwoGood Vol. 1” below, and follow Hellagreeno on the Twitter machine.

Download the tape here

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