Hass x BLKDMNDS – Madusa

“I unintentionally told my story, which is fine because that only added more raw emotion and depth to the record.”


RNB songwriter/singer/dancer, Hass, is a 22 years-old independent artist from Newark, New Jersey. By the way he moves, you can see that his biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson. Hass started out at the age of nine performing at local talent shows. By the time he was a teen, he had begun posting his cover songs on YouTube to enlarge his fan base. Recently, he teamed up with culture/lifestyle brand BLKDMNDS to release his latest music video, Madusa, off of his EP Overdue. So far, the video has had well over 46k views – and isn’t slowing down. The RNB track is inspired by Dirty Diana, which he made into his own version; it’s much darker and more melodic. He croons “I’m stuck in her illusion, I don’t know what I’m doing.” Paired with the video’s vintage VHS aesthetic, Madusa is a catchy hit.

I had the opportunity to ask Hass about the record recently. Here’s how he described it:

“Michael Jackson was the inspiration for it. I wanted to recreate Dirty Diana in a more up to date urban feel. My goal was to tell a story and go in depth about the woman. Similar to what MJ did with Dirty Diana. I used his storytelling guidelines and recreated it but, the funny thing is I unintentionally told my story. Which is fine, because that only added more raw emotion and depth to the record.”

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