The wait is over, Ghostface Killah struck back at Martin Schkreli earlier today with one of his trademark GFC video rants – the type legends are made of. I’m actually downplaying it; he dismantled the owner of the two million dollar “Night In Shaolin” album in every way possible. Hilarity aside, though, Ghost also added some serious karma to his aura by directly addressing Martin’s controversial increasing the Daraprim pill (from $13.50 to $750.00) by introducing Wu Goo CBD Oil, alternative medicine for cancer and AIDS patients. 

According to Ghost, CBD helps with cancer, aids, blood pressure, etc. One testimonial even boasted about the positive effects of Wu Goo CBD oil had on a patient recovering from brain surgery.
Shouts to GFC for this one – using his likeness and influence for good. Could philanthropy be Wu 2.0? 

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