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Get Familiar With Fellon Phelp$ (BMF)

Check out Cleveland artist Fellon Phelp$ video for “We Not Cool” then learn more about the artist…

Fellon Phelps is an American rap recording artist born in Cleveland Ohio who gave us all a Project like the Hollywood Album released independently with 18 original beats that he bought exclusive rights to from different producers out his own pocket that went on to sale over 100,000 music downloads on in 2016 then he followed up with singles like Lebron James, Snap Chat, King of Ohio Pt.1, and 36, in 2017 and 2018 then We Not Cool, Gmail, and Whatever in 2019. Alleged member of the notorious Black Mafia Family Rapper/Entertainer Fellon Phelps is back stronger than ever with The Downfall Mixtape, and King of Ohio Part 2 dropping 1-1-2020 on all major music platforms worldwide and is his best music so far go pre-order now on his record label Wild Child LLC website and trust us you want be disappointed it’s high quality every time. Fellon Phelps mainly grew up off a street called St Clair mentioned by Bone Thugs n Harmony discovered by Eazy-E of N.W.A in the early 90’s and also new generation rap artist Q Money, Fellon also tried to persue playing football at Shaker Hts with his childhood friend you might know as Kid Cudi before being snitched on by suburban kids and kicked out by the Superintendent for physical violence that scared the whole city making other parents pull thier children out of school after his gang threats, and even before then Fellon Phelps has been hated plus harassed by Shaker Heights Police Department who is very known for notoriously racially profiling honest men like Fellon Phelps and known to do Black males dirty period by framing them for crimes that will ruin thier records. Straight talk with a serious personality but with a sense of humor a person you can even laugh with Fellon Phelps is known for being very street savy, very lyrical, and very musically diverse never rapping the same way or on the same type beats always switching his style up entertaining even us picky Hip-Hop heads. Fellon Phelps has gained a cult following in places such as Charlotte North Carolina, Cleveland Ohio, Miami Florida, Detroit Michigan, Los Angeles California, Las Vegas Nevada, Houston Texas, Chicago Illinois, Nashville Tennessee, Atlanta Georgia, Toronto Canada, London United Kingdom, Mexico City Mexico, Cali Columbia, Paris France, and Berlin Germany where most of his music streams and sales come from his King of Ohio tour is coming fall 2020. Being part owner of the company that pushes his music he is ahead of most financially and doesn’t have to do what others may do to make money he is in his own lane he created and doesn’t want to be cool with everyone or expect everyone to like him Phelps stated he only want to tell his story to the world, continue to make that bag, and spend time with the people who love him only and said everyone else can have the rest I don’t want a slice of the devil 🥧 pie. Fellon Phelps grew up admiring and listening to Greats like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Master P, Big Pun, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, Jeezy, T.I., Gucci Mane, Kendrick Lamar, Cam’ron, J. Cole, and Drake Fellon Phelps stated that other than himself and his crue they are the only people he listened and still listene to today.The Fellon Phelps brand charges $15,000 a Feature, $25,000 a Performance, $8,000 a Interview $10,000 for Hosting, and $2,000 a slot to open for Fellon Phelps at one of his Events fans can follow Fellon Phelps on Instagram, Twitter, and Snap Chat @fellonphelps216 now for all the latest updates.

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