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Darrell Kelley Shares A Rallying Cry For Justice With His New Single “Release The Transcripts”

Black lives matter — and the fight for justice is far from over. This is the message emanating from the new single “Release The Transcripts” by musician, ordained bishop, entrepreneur, and social activist Darrell Kelley. A prominent muse for the song’s emotionally charged rallying cry is Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman shot and killed by police in her Louisville home this past March.

The call for the release of the transcripts stems from the controversial motion that was filed by Atty. Gen. Daniel Cameron to delay the release of transcripts and audio from the grand jury’s inquiry into the killing; though such a release is generally unusual, a separate motion filed by an unidentified juror argued that there was a “compelling public interest” to have the grand jury record released. It also accused Cameron of “using the grand jury to deflect accountability and responsibility for [the indictment] decisions.”

A judge granted the delay so that Cameron’s offices could redact personal information of people who were part of the proceedings. Audio of the proceedings (which totals over 20 hours) was finally released on October 2, 2020 — although an actual transcription has yet to surface. 

Still, as Darrell Kelley makes quite clear, justice was far from served in this case — with two officers walking and one facing charges for the shots that didn’t hit Breonna. Blatant injustice is an ongoing issue nationwide; never has unity been more critical. 

Take a listen Darrell Kelley’s powerful single Release The Transcripts,” below. 

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