“I love rapping, I love music, and I love making it. It’s in my blood.” —Dante

Born and raised in the Bronx which was — arguably — the true birthplace of the hip-hop culture, 18-year-old rapper [on-wax trapper] Dante The Tweak is coming correct with his first commercial single, “Water Whippin.” Led off with a trap beat that sonically could very quickly assimilate itself into the playlist of many commercial artists out today; that makes this song very current, and very on point with the wave that is currently flowing through the big apple. Shit, Dante just busted out his surfboard and went along for the ride.

“Cooking up the work I’m living in the kitchen; all my niggas trappin’ they be water whippin.” Taking a cue from hip-hop Cocaine Cowboys like the blow reference King, Pusha T, the record is a pro-hustler anthem fit for the street corner or the trap house. It has a catchy appeal to it that tells me it’s a few Flex spins away from becoming a viral hit, even if just regionally.

Dante is just one of the exciting new artists coming up from the city; and, if we’re learning anything from the recent hype surrounding Young M.A., it’s that the next generation of NYC hip-hop is poised to start taking over. “Water Whippin” is a strong effort from the [Jamaican] Bronx bomber, and a good look at what he has in the pipeline.

Stay hustling!