#CurrentlyRocking: ReachingNOVA’s “C’est La Vie” Is Worth Sitting With

Bronx-bred MC ReachingNOVA drops, depending on where you’re at currently in your life, an anthem of sorts, brimming with gems and subtle hints of celebrity braggadocio. Coming off of a universally shaky 2020, during which he dropped Legends with Teemonee and some dope visuals, he kicked off 2021 with the CausmicProductions-produced “C’est La Vie.”

For those who hustle to the brink, the song is the relatable tome of a constant achiever — with no signs of quit in their eyes. For those who find themselves just on the fringe, it’s an invitation to get energized and leap. For those who are hustling backward, it’s a reminder that at the end of the day, real recognizes real. From working through the concept of people breaking character and showing you something other than their truths, love lost, and sacrifice, the track packs a powerful punch.

“Always level up; my enemy’s name is comfortable,” he raps. The second verse stands as the most potent, as he breaks down the growth he’s experienced over the past six years, even ending with a confident flex, “Add me to your list of most hated and influences.”

ReachingNOVA has a very smooth cadence that rides the subtle riffs, ambient background notes, and the beat’s melody perfectly. While reviewing the track, it played on repeat for hours in the office — without catching any fatigue (which is a great sign in today’s landscape of breakneck release timelines).

Stream ReachingNOVA’s new single “C’est La Vie” above. Video coming soon!


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