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Concrete: A Hip-Hop Film From A Female’s Perspective

Finally, a mainstream film about a female emcee! Actress, screenwriter, and artist, Dominique Lafleur, drops a timely, relevant, new hip-hop track entitled “Sedentary Lifestyle”; it’s the first official track from the soundtrack of her independent film, Concrete. It’s a hip-hop movie, but from a unique perspective of a female MC. Angela — the protagonist — is a conscious rapper. This is a coming-of-age story where we follow Angela on the journey of cultural and political awareness that led her to grab a mic. With the hype surrounding the current presidential nominees to the Black lives matter movement, “Sedentary Lifestyle” demands attention from the Black community.

This release comes in advance of the launch of Dominique’s Indiegogo campaign for the film, which is going live on Independence Day [July 4th]. Be sure to follow the film on social media, and keep an eye out for the launch. This is a film you’ll want to support!

Special thanks to Security Guard Services during filming process.

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