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Brooklyn’s Own LuCkii Has Heat On Deck

Why we–as writers– don’t classify NYC street-hop as its own subgenre, alongside drill music, is beyond me. I’m not talking that back pack rap that more introspective [undergournd] outfits like Pro Era rarely sway from. I’m talking the gritty NYC shit, that has–over the years–grown to encompass it’s own youthful blend of trap, slow, bassy rap/sing compositions and even some straight up hip-hop. All this, captured within that raw energy and perspective that only comes from roaming the streets of NYC with your hoody up and your pockets full of dirty money. Brooklyn-based rapper LuCkii checks off a lot of the boxes. With a catalog that dates back roughly four years, he has been quite consistent. Some of the record I’ve come across, like the radio-ready “Never Cared,’ which sees him singing over a slow-flow record that could easily fit into the contemporary mainstream rotation, and the more grimy “Under The Influence,” show an impressive range that manages to stay true to his city. He reminds of some of the Big Apple’s other youthful heavy hitters, like Troy Ave.

He recently took a brief Q&A for AAHH, which you can see below–this kid has some potential; check a out selection of career (video) highlights I’ve picked out.

Where were you born–and how did you get into music?

I was born in Queens, New York. However, I bounced around a few boroughs–even Long Island. I now reside in Brooklyn. I’ve been making music for 15+ years now; I started when I was 10.

How would you describe your music?

When you listen to my music, and the [vibe] and feeling of my tracks, you can feel me because it’s real shit. But–most importantly–I drop gems [knowledge].I don’t wanna give away too many secrets; you gotta just listen.

Who are your influences?

I grew up listening to Missy, Jay-Z, Stack Bundles [RIP], Max B; those were the biggest influences on me.

What’s coming up for you?

Right now, I’m finishing up a 5 song EP which is untitled–but, it’s done. Just going through the mixing process. I recently released two songs on soundcloud “X-Files” and “Never Cared.” Also, I have a big a announcement coming soon; stay tuned.

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