“Great music is emotions and substance in perfect rhythmic form, you’re voice is an instrument, and when it blends perfectly with the beat, it is an unstoppable force.”

Rapper Bishop3rd000 was born in Longview, Texas. While other kids [his age] were bumping local mainstays like UGK, Screwed Up Click, and 8ball& MJG, he drew inspiration from artists outside of his region, from the likes of Ice Cube,2pac, Dr.Dre, Wu-Tang Clan, KRS-ONE, Nas, Mobb Deep, and more. As a member of TPC Squad, an acronym for Terrorizing Peoples Conscious, his mind is focused on bringing the essence of hip-hop and good music back to the forefront.

In the “horrible landscape of modern day mainstream [sic],” Bishop’s bent on changing the face of the game, without conforming to gatekeepers with corporate backers/interests. This is due in part to his reinvention of himself over the years. A student of not only hip-hop music, but Black music in general, he’s seemingly doing his best to carrying on the core values of the culture.

Get to know Bishop3rd000, and check out his latest project, Marsviewston.