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Beat Of the Week: Alphamonkey, ‘Hustle 4 Survival’

This week’s #beatofteheek comes from Germany-based producer Alphamonkey, aka Shaka Brah. He’s been facinated by the culture for years–and we mean culture. Not just the music, but Graffiti, and the other pillars. It was a year ago, though, that he became facinated by an artist with an MPC at a local hip-hop jam. He bought for himself, and teh rest has been falling into place. What started with dusty vinyl in his Grandma’s celler has morphed into crispy underground hip-hop worth checking out.

“I would like to find some good rappers to [maybe] record an album this year,” he told AAHH. SO, if you have bars, you may want to get at him. For now, though, check the beat!


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