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AP Coley Contemplates ‘Something More’

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida–a city noted mostly for being a blossoming society full of potential–comes an artist that lives that ideology. AP Coley stands for two things: 1. Anythings Possible. 2. Being yourself all day everyday and embracing your individuality. His music does nothing less than exceed this message everytime you press play; his newest record is a refreshingly substance filled track. With a jazzy sax and soulful hook, kind of reminiscent of Moka Only, he touches upon relatable struggle, while dropping gems , seemingly out of necessity; “speaking of these tracks is an itch I gotta scratch, God gave me the gift, I gotta give the people something back.” The record is now streaming on his SoundCloud; take a listen for yourself, and if you’re feeling it, knock the share button.

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