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AAHH PREMIERE: TwonDon ‘Jennifer’s Song’ Visual

So “How did we get here?”—a question that we have all pondered when found in a love that has, in-a-blink-of-an-eye, gone sour. It’s quite ironic that love is the answer to all felicity, yet it is still the answer to all heartache within a relationship. As humans, we naturally crave euphoria rather than agony–making it only instinctive to shield pain and damn near eclipse the harsh truth that, maybe things just aren’t working out.

AAHH PREMIERE: TwonDon 'Jennifer's Song' Visual

[Cover art by Victoria]

Following the mass admiration for Paradise Isn’t Free, TwonDon delivers a crowd-favorite, “Jennifer’s Song.” Here, Twon takes us on a journey through the imagination of a young girl, who lets her mind wander through the effects of love and all that she “believes” it should entail. Make your own interpretation. Shot by Famous Dave, directed by Vivid Vision Films and Twon himself—AAHH presents to you the exclusive premiere of “Jennifer’s Song”: the visual.

You can still download Paradise Isn’t Free on all streaming platforms!

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