Fresh off the release of joint Angela Davis, and more notably off a high profile beef with Iggy Azalea, come Rah Digga with a new Freestyle called Thinking Out Loud. The always dope emcee – not femcee, emcee – sounds fierce over the ILLMIND production. Check the track after the jump.

Not that we want to get too deep into it, but she spoke nothing but truth about Iggy Azalea – she’s not really hip-hop, period. It’s disrespectful for anyone to try to discredit or disregard the rightful opinion of an industry veteran. We’re the only culture that disposes of our artists so quickly, especially ones who were part of notable or influential movements! Preservation of the culture we live starts with us – believe that!

Anyways, the track is slamming. We’re not sure when a more complete product will come our way from Rah, but these snacks will definitely tide us over.