Busta Rhymes has recently found himself at the center of a viral storm when a user named dirtywhiteups shared a side-by-side comparison of Busta Rhymes allegedly taken just 20 days apart.

Viral Photo Allegedly Shows Busta Rhymes’ Dramatic 20-Day Weight Gain

The before photo shows a slimmer Busta in a white polo, while the after photo depicts him in a baby blue turtleneck sweater with a noticeable gut. The caption reads, “These two photos of Busta Rhymes are 20 days apart. Ozempic: 0 Oxtail: 1.”

Fans are split on whether this image is genuine or staged. Some think it might be an old photo or even a joke. Busta Rhymes has not commented on the matter, leaving fans to speculate.

One theory is that Busta Rhymes might be experiencing Ozempic withdrawal, which can cause significant weight gain if someone stops taking the medication. However, Busta has not publicly confirmed using Ozempic, so the true cause of his weight gain remains unclear.

For context, Busta Rhymes has been open about his weight loss journey in the past. In 2020, he shared a dramatic before-and-after photo on Instagram, showcasing his impressive transformation from a larger frame to a leaner physique. This transformation was attributed to a rigorous workout regimen and healthy lifestyle changes.