Disgraced hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs faces renewed scrutiny as fresh allegations surface about his involvement in a 1999 nightclub shooting. Natania Reuben, who survived a gunshot wound to the face during the incident, claims Combs put a bounty on her head, forcing her to relocate for safety.

In a recent interview, Reuben clarified that her criticism of Combs doesn’t equate to advocating for the innocence of rapper Shyne, who was imprisoned for his role in the shooting but later released.

“Had anybody listened to me 24 years ago and understood my clear and concise statements that said this man shot me in my face, perhaps Cassie would have never had to endure and all those other people that died under alleged ‘suspicious causes’ at his hand would not have had to endure,”

These allegations come months after Reuben expressed willingness to undergo a risky medical procedure to provide evidence. “I’m willing to have a doctor remove a part of the nine-millimeter bullet in my face so that they can use it as evidence if need be for this trial, and it may cost me my life,” Reuben told guest host Brian Entin on News Nation’s Elizabeth Vargas Reports in March.

Combs, who was found not guilty in the incident, has not directly addressed the latest accusations.

The shooting occurred on Dec. 27, 1999, at Club New York in Manhattan. Three people were injured in the incident, which also involved Combs’ then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. Shyne, whose real name is Jamal Barrow, spent nearly 10 years behind bars for his role in the shooting. He is now a politician in Belize, serving as leader of the opposition United Democratic Party.