Swizz Beatz, co-founder of the popular music series Verzuz, has faced criticism for partnering with Elon Musk. The backlash follows the announcement of an exclusive distribution deal between Verzuz and X, which some fans have condemned as “selling out.” This controversy gained traction after Musk supported a tweet with false comparative data on Black-on-white murder rates, provoking outrage on Juneteenth.

Addressing the criticism directly, Swizz Beatz took to Instagram, posting photos of the meeting where he and Timbaland, the other co-founder of Verzuz, finalized the deal with Elon Musk. The caption read, “We will show you better than tell you. Blessings to all.”

In the comments section, Swizz Beatz tackled specific concerns. He emphasized that Verzuz has always been on the Twitter platform and remains 100% Black-owned, with full ownership of its intellectual property and company. He stressed that the partnership does not compromise their values.

Swizz Beatz agreed with a comment suggesting that his Instagram post should have been shared on Juneteenth. He also responded to accusations of “selling out” by saying, “Trust me, that was the last thing we did. Relax; you will understand in one minute.”

This partnership with Twitter represents a significant move for Verzuz, but ultimately, the success of the partnership will hinge on its execution.