Styles P has announced a three-part plan for his final solo album. He shared the news on Instagram, outlining his vision for his swan song as a solo artist.

The album will consist of three parts: Ghost of the Past, Ghost of the Present, and Ghost of the Future. Each part will explore different themes and eras of his life, with the overall title Memoirs of a Gangster & Gentleman. This ambitious project marks the culmination of Styles P’s solo career, which he has been counting down to retire from for about two years.

In a heartfelt post, Styles P explained his decision to retire from solo work, citing the toll it has taken on his mental and physical health. He acknowledged that his drive and dedication to his craft have led to burnout, which has negatively impacted his family, business partners, and coworkers. Despite this, he remains committed to his work with The LOX and other projects.

The first part of this three-part series, titled Penultimate: A Calm Wolf is Still a Wolf, was released last year. The album featured guest appearances from notable artists like Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and Benny The Butcher.

Pete Rock has already expressed his support for the project, commenting with fire emojis and stating he is on board.