Sexyy Red is calling out other artists for allegedly stealing her style. The “Pound Town” MC and uncomfortably frequent Drake collaborator took to Instagram to ominously air out biters, declaring herself as, well, the blueprint.

“I’m you hoes blueprint & I’m gettin’ sick of it.” — Sexxy Red

Accompanying the post was a bag of Hot Cheetos and a plush toy shaped like a penis. Yeah.

Sexyy Red Accuses Fellow Artists of Copying Her Style, Declares Herself the 'Blueprint'

Although she didn’t mention any specific names, it is evident that Sexyy Red is frustrated with the number of artists she believes are copying her style. It remains to be seen how other artists will respond to her obvious bait post, but one thing is clear: Sexyy Red’s trajectory isn’t dropping anytime soon, like it or not.