Rapper Reason has announced a mutual agreement to terminate his relationship with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE).

Reflecting on his time with TDE, Reason expressed immense gratitude for the platform and support provided by the label.

“The last seven years have been incredible, and I appreciate all the time and experiences during that span….I can’t even put into words the surreal feeling I’ve had, being able to share my thoughts, expressions, emotions, stories, and experiences with you all through the platform provided to me.”

During his time at TDE, Reason faced controversy when he aired his frustrations with the label over the rollout of his album Porches. He accused TDE of failing to execute various plans that would drum up excitement for the album’s release and fumbling big-name features from Latto and EST Gee. This led to a heated argument with TDE co-president Moosa, who questioned the significance of the proposed collaborations and referred to Reason as a “substitute teacher” in the past.

Despite these issues, Reason expressed gratitude towards TDE and its founder, Top Dawg, for providing him with the opportunity to pursue his dream.

“There are truly no words for the amount of respect I have for you, and that will never change, no matter what”, he wrote.

He also his appreciation to TDE fans for embracing him and allowing him to share his music, ending his post with the following quote, “Thank you guys for the time and thank everybody for the experiences.”