Rapper R.A.P. Ferreira faces abuse allegations from ex-girlfriend Chloe Stingley, who claims he physically abused her child and sexually assaulted her. Stingley, seeking $22,000 for legal fees via crowdfunding, says she fled Nashville in November with her children fearing for their safety. She’s raised over $9,000 so far.

Ferreira, also known as Rory Ferreira, Milo and Scallops Hotel, denied all allegations in an Instagram video. He claims Stingley moved to Nashville last April with his help to escape previous abusive relationships.

The rapper says Stingley left with their 16-month-old daughter after he had a child with another partner. He hired lawyers for custody and says Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services (DCS) found abuse claims false.

Ferreira states DCS recently gave him custody of their daughter. Stingley alleges unlawful imprisonment, verbal, financial and sexual abuse.

An emergency hearing is set for July 12 in Nashville. The case involves proceedings in Nashville and North Carolina.