Singer-songwriter Niykee Heaton recently made shocking allegations against Kanye West and Diddy. During an Instagram Live session, Heaton detailed her experiences of sexual assault at the hands of these two music industry giants when she was just 19 years old.

Heaton’s allegations come on the heels of those made by her former manager, Lauren Pisciotta, who filed a lawsuit against Kanye West, accusing him of sexual harassment, breach of contract, and wrongful termination. West countered by filing a lawsuit against Pisciotta, claiming she was motivated by blackmail and extortion.

Heaton explained that she was discovered on YouTube and gained fame after releasing her debut single Bad Intentions in 2014. She alleged that she was invited to a music studio by Kanye West when she was 18. She arrived at the studio with her friend Lauren Pisciotta, where they met Kanye, Diddy, and several other men. Heaton described the atmosphere as uncomfortable, with Diddy and Kanye appearing drunk and possibly under the influence of drugs.

Heaton claimed that Diddy handed her a drink, which she suspected might be spiked. Pretending to drink, she noticed that Lauren had also been given a drink and soon started acting strangely, making jokes and laughing loudly—behavior Heaton believed was due to the alleged drugging.

Heaton further alleged that Diddy and Kanye then approached her, asking her to remove her clothes because the studio was “hot.” When she refused, they allegedly ripped her shirt off. She claimed that no one came to her aid, even when she mouthed “help” to Kanye’s executive producer, who was just three feet away.

Heaton managed to slip out of the room and hid in an empty studio for about 25 minutes before escaping and getting an Uber with Lauren. Lauren did not remember the events due to the alleged drugging.